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Aerosol & Ethanol Recycling for Reusability


Dynamic Recycling, LLC uses an efficient and cost-effective process to help you get rid of unsaleable, expired and damaged products in a way that is beneficial to the environment. When you or your business has an excess of unsaleable aerosol-based solvents, we will implement this process in a clean and green way for you. Through our method we have become a leading supplier of ethanol and aerosol recycling, helping you manage your waste streams. Our procedures are designed specifically to recycle all materials while recovering fuels and energy that can be reused.

As bottles and cans of aerosol can be harmful and dangerous, we will avoid the use of landfills when you utilize our services to recycle aerosol products. This creates renewable energy when we sort at our Materials Recovery Facility. We separate the materials upon arrival to our facility, not wasting any part of the aerosol can. Through five decades of recycling and destructing, we have provided exceptional service for safe and secure delivery.

Aerosol products typically come in the form of a spray can and include common household items such as paints, laundry detergent, insecticides, body spray and various fragrances (perfume or cologne). Whether you’re in the medical, industrial or commercial sector, your products may contain harmful chemicals, including aerosol. We help you save money on recycling costs, and our services will help you to avoid any additional taxes charged to your business by the state.

Whether your can is full, empty or partially used, we are able to filter the products in your can for reusability. Even empty cans contain some form of propellant, which we will reclaim for reusability. We recover any solvents, gas and ethanol that is present in your containers. When you wish to recycle aerosol, our transportation fleet and separation of hazardous material at our recovery facility will accurately protect your brand name.

There are many benefits for the environment – and your business – when you utilize the transportation and destruction services that we offer. If you are interested in hearing more about our aerosol recycling services, contact us today and we will answer any questions you may have.

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