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Our ethanol recycling facility provides 100% recycling through our efficient and proven recycling processes. Consumer packaged goods are processed through our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The MRF segregates, decases and recycles all packaging materials. Glass is processed directly into cullet while aluminum, plastic, steel and cardboard are processed and recycled.


Liquids and bulk streams are received into the Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP).

  • Ethanol is stripped from water through distillation into 190 proof ethanol
  • 190 proof ethanol is dried through a vapor phase molecular sieve into anhydrous fuel grade ethanol
  • Distillation still bottoms are then recycled with a Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator into distilled water in our Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator
  • Makeup water is used in our cooling towers to cool the ethanol processes – Finished ethanol is assigned RINS numbers and transported to gasoline terminals for blending

Please refer to our process diagram and method statement for a detailed description of our processes.


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